Searchcowboys giving away free Lipperhey coupons

Tue 23 June 2009 16:36, Bas van den Beld

Searchcowboys giving away free Lipperhey coupons

Early April we reported about how Searchcowboys was better optimized than Searchengineland when it comes to SEO. The title off course was a bit provocative, but the results off a online SEO check didn't lie. The SEO check was done with a newly launched Dutch tool Lipperhey.

This week Lipperhey made the step to go international. With the launch of their English website they open up their system for the rest of Europe and the US. And Searchcowboys is giving away free coupons!

The Lipperhey tool downloads all the pages of your website. It then gives you a rating for technical quality, SEO Score and popularity of the website. It also can give you benchmark results (that's how we compared SEL to Searchcowboys).

The English version has got some new features in it which weren't available in the Dutch version (but will be). You can now do a Quick Scan on a website without having to log in. You then get five quick wins. The scan gives you back an analysis of twenty pages. Bigger reports can be acquired.

Other new features are the overall score which is combined with an affiliate program and more detailed information.

The tool doesn't give you an SEO-advice, it just mappes the state of your website when it comes to SEO. "The rest is up to the agencies" Lipperhey said a couple of months ago.

Would you like to try out the paid version of this tool? Lipperhey gave us a bunch of coupons to hand out to Searchcowboys visitors! There are different coupons for those in Europe and those in the US. Just place your Twitter-name in the comments of this article (and be sure to follow our Twitteraccount) and we'll DM the winners a coupon. Be fast though, when all coupons are gone, we have no extra's!

Be sure to tell us if you are from Europe or US (different codes) :)

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