Gespot: A New Facebook Hype in the Netherlands

Tue 15 January 2013 10:00, Vitto Christaldi

Gespot: A New Facebook Hype in the Netherlands

"Hey girl who keeps coughing in room 0.80, are you interested in a cup of coffee? XX The boy with a Mac who is wearing a winter hat

(Image source: National Geographic)

Asking a person out through Facebook has recently become a new hype in the Netherlands. Almost every university library in the Netherlands has a special Facebook page created for the students who find love during a study routine. On Gespot: UU UB (Spotted: Utrecht University’s Library) for instance, every day there are ten to twenty flirty messages or invitations for a lunch/coffee posted on the page. Since it was created five weeks ago, 'Gespot: UU UB' page has received almost 11,250 page likes. The library of Groningen University has the most followers of all university libraries in the Netherlands with 11,400 followers.

How does it work? Students send a flirty message to page admin about the person whom they have a crush on. The page admin will post the message anonymously, with a hope that the designated person will read the message and accept the sender’s invitation. The rest of the users are there to guess who the message is sent to and to help the sender find the Facebook profile of the crush. 


(Utrecht University Library - Uithof by Vitto Christaldi©)

Soulmate Finder for Train Passengers

Trains are some of the main transportation in the Netherlands. With 4,000 daily passengers at each station in the country, there is a big chance for a Dutchie to find a love on the way to school or work. Imagine: you're in the train, you look around, and suddenly a few chairs away you find the love of your life; but then you do don’t dare to ask him/her out? Or maybe the train is too full so you lost him/her at some point? 

Similar to those “crush in the library” Facebook pages, Holland also has a page to express your feeling for the one(s) that you meet while commuting. The page is called Hartstocht in the Trein (Lust in the Train); and since it was created a month ago, it has had almost 37,000 page likes. In the page, you will see a message like this:

"In the train from 09:08 to Schiphol Airport. A beautiful dark blonde boy is sitting across me. He is wearing a blue Scotch & Soda jacket and has a blue backpack with him. We still haven’t had (eye) contact yet, but I just want to say that you look cute when you sleep".


(Image source:

Drunk Lovers at Techno Parties

Besides train and library crushes, there is also a page specially made to find your crush at techno parties/music festivals. It is likely for two people to meet and hook up at a music festival; but it is also common to forget to ask his/her phone number or even forget the person’s name after a couple of drinks. Wappie Techno Liefde (Crazy Techno Love) helps Facebook users to find the lost love. Here is one example of the announcement on the page: 

"Dear Alexandra, that's your name. I met you at Soenda Indoor in November 2012. I remember you were the girl with the ‘LOVE’ shirt, and that was how our night went: a night full of romance. It started with some eye contact, and it escalated since then. You were there with a group of friends. Then you came to me while dancing, looked me in the eyes, and asked me why I didn’t come and talk to you. We stood together in front of the stage. I came across your face a couple of times in the aftermovie; that is how I remember your beauty. You were that beautiful blonde girl with dimples on your cheeks. You told me you were young. You also told me you lived in Laren. Later that night, we dived together in the ball pool. My night was nothing without you. I hope Wappie can help me find my techno love. I hope to see you soon again, so that you can keep the promise you made to me that night. Let me please hear from you.

Guess what, with the power of Facebook, 50 minutes after the message was posted they found the Alexandra that he was looking for. 


(Image source: Wappie Techno Liefde Facebook page)

Do you have similar Facebook pages in your country? Or is there a different hype happening in your country? Share the story in the comment box below.

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