What is Google Shopping and How to Take Advantage from It?

Wed 23 October 2013 14:19, Gabriel Goldberg

What is Google Shopping and How to Take Advantage from It?
You often go shopping on the internet and start with a Google search? Then you’ve probably noticed those ads with a special format appearing on the top right: ... read more

How to Measure Performances on the Google Display Network

Sat 24 March 2012 13:59, Gabriel Goldberg

How to Measure Performances on the Google Display Network
Focus on the metrics: how to measure the performances of campaigns on the GDN ? Targeting Google Display Network (GDN) serves many different purposes than targeting Google Search Network.  Among other uses, advertisers target the GDN to communicate promotions, introduce a new product,...... read more

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SEA and landing pages: the branding perspective

Wed 2 March 2011 14:25, J-P De Clerck

SEA and landing pages: the branding perspective
Lorie Weiman wrote a nice post recently for Search Engine Land where she offers some tips on using search for branding. As she points out in her post, branding is not something you think of when you consider search. Mostly it’s used to drive traffic and conversion. However, she makes some e...... read more

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First Belgian Performance Platform Launched for Search

Mon 17 January 2011 18:49, Gabriel Goldberg

First Belgian Performance Platform Launched for Search
Brussels, Tuesday 18 January 2011 - Today, Semetis launches Semetis Intelligence, an innovative web-based performance management platform for Google AdWords campaigns. Accessible for free to all of Semetis' existing clients, the platform delivers customized business intelligence & analy...... read more

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How to promote your Twitter on the Google Content Network

Sat 12 June 2010 14:03, Gabriel Goldberg

How to promote your Twitter on the Google Content Network
Twitter and Google AdWords Google announced recently a new AdWords Beta. For the moment  it is possible to advertise on AdWords to acquire new followers on Twitter. This is a limited private Beta and Semetis is taking part. If it works, other social networds such as Facebook may be in...... read more

Jeffrey Eisenberg on SEM intent and landing page conversion

Mon 31 May 2010 19:38, J-P De Clerck, 6 comments

Trada pay-per-click expert sourcing

Thu 1 April 2010 11:19, Tom Bogaert, 13 comments

SEA and landing pages: still work to do

Fri 26 March 2010 13:46, J-P De Clerck, 8 comments

Article marketing versus PPC marketing

Fri 19 February 2010 20:45, Stijn De Meyere, 3 comments

Joseph Kerschbaum (Clix Marketing): performance and ROI rule

Sat 30 January 2010 21:36, J-P De Clerck, 7 comments

Getting attention through creative adtexting

Mon 28 December 2009 14:00, Evert Veldhuijzen, 28 comments

So what is Quality Score? People Keep Asking!

Mon 21 December 2009 15:14, Jon Myers, 6 comments

Google Testing New AdWords Ads

Fri 27 November 2009 15:32, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 6 comments

Will Facebook be the new Craiglist?

Wed 14 October 2009 19:01, Jaap Jacobs, 2 comments

Awesome PPC Tactics

Tue 6 October 2009 10:00, Jaap Jacobs, 3 comments

Google acknowledging mobile search with new keywordtool

Mon 28 September 2009 11:00, Editors, 3 comments

DoubleClick Ad Exchange: middleman Google

Mon 21 September 2009 15:15, Bas van den Beld, 4 comments

Google Conversion Optimizer catches on

Wed 5 August 2009 12:26, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 3 comments

PPC Ads that turn your neck: wins and fails

Thu 16 July 2009 13:15, Ulf Weihbold, 5 comments

The Importance Of The PPC Header

Fri 26 June 2009 09:17, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

SEO & PPC learnings from SMX Advanced

Wed 10 June 2009 09:06, Eduard Blacquière, 1 comment

The myth of the ideal PPC account structure

Tue 9 June 2009 15:53, Ulf Weihbold, 4 comments

Google putting ads in the search box

Mon 25 May 2009 08:57, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Is Google playing with YouTube?

Wed 13 May 2009 11:00, Jaap Jacobs, 7 comments

The circle to success

Mon 11 May 2009 14:27, Jaap Jacobs, 4 comments

Europe stays behind in Trademarked bidding policy

Wed 6 May 2009 10:55, Bas van den Beld, 4 comments

Back to Adwords-basics

Mon 16 March 2009 12:07, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

Hacking Google Analytics for Keyword Research

Mon 16 March 2009 10:21, Editors, 3 comments

Start advertising on search engines a.s.a.p.! Or not?

Tue 10 March 2009 08:45, Jeffrey Bleijendaal, 5 comments

Change fonts in Adsense

Mon 23 February 2009 08:42, Bas van den Beld, 2 comments

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