New Delhi Wins Title of Top Spam...

Wed 20 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


New Delhi Wins Title of Top Spamming City
This year, India has again been called out as one of the top spam contributing countries. In fact, the country takes the number 1 spot on the list. As the world's bigg...... read more

Weibo Censored Former Chief of G...

Wed 20 Mar 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Weibo Censored Former Chief of Google China Kai-Fu Lee
The former chief of Google China, Kai-Fu Lee, discovered his Weibo posts on Chinese social media Tensent and Sina have often been censored and removed by the authority...... read more

Startup: an app to GPS-track you...

Wed 20 Mar 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


Startup: an app to GPS-track your bike!
Now here’s something for people in the Netherlands. If you live in this country, you must own a bike. If you own a bike you probably have had it stolen more th...... read more

Where spam comes from and how to...

Tue 19 Mar 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


Where spam comes from and how to avoid it
“About 50% of all junk mail on the net emerges from just 20 internet service providers“, BBC reports. According to a recent study, some IPSs could be cla...... read more

Social Media Police Lab in Mumbai

Tue 19 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Social Media Police Lab in Mumbai
Just this past weekend, police in India's tinseltown, Mumbai, inaugurated the country's first social media lab. The lab will be used to monitor content from Facebook, ...... read more

To Hangout or Not to Hangout?

Thu 14 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


To Hangout or Not to Hangout?
Introduced in 2011, Google+ is now one of the fastest growing social network, with more than 500 million people having upgraded, 235 million active across Google and 1...... read more

eBay says AdWords is a waste of ...

Thu 14 Mar 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


eBay says AdWords is a waste of money
A recent study conducted by the e-sales giant eBay questions the value of Google AdWords, suggesting that advertising on Google search is be less profitable than exp...... read more

Prepare Yourself For The New Loo...

Wed 13 Mar 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Prepare Yourself For The New Look of Facebook!
Facebook is coming with a new look, AGAIN! Three important changes in the new Facebook layout are: bigger images, multiple feeds for different interests and a more con...... read more

Popularity in Search Leads to Ac...

Tue 12 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Popularity in Search Leads to Acquisitions
It's practically common knowledge that India has one of the fastest growing economies today. The country’s SMB sector alone is worth over 100 million USD and is ...... read more

International Women’s Day

Fri 8 Mar 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


International Women’s Day
Did you know that today is International Women’s Day? Despite the word ‘international’ in its name, the holiday seems a lot less international than...... read more

Can Community-Based Social Netwo...

Fri 8 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Can Community-Based Social Networking Sites Encourage Brands
Could the introduction of community-based social networking sites in India help ease the marketing challenges faced in such a diverse country? I believe they could and...... read more

Facebook redesigns the news feed

Fri 8 Mar 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


Facebook redesigns the news feed
Yesterday the world’s number one social network introduced a major transformation of their key feature, the news feed.  Following the trend toward a simpler...... read more

Indian Government's View on  So...

Thu 7 Mar 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Indian Government's View on  Social Media  Takes a 180 Turn
This year, the Indian Government seems to be taking advantage of social media and using it to reach its public. Just last week Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, joined ...... read more

Socialmatic Makes Polaroid “In...

Wed 6 Mar 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Socialmatic Makes Polaroid “Instagram” Camera
Polaroid used to be the most popular instant photography tool. Its popularity, however, has been degraded to the bottom of the pit in the last couple of years due to t...... read more

BlackBerry Keeps Moving Together...

Wed 27 Feb 2013, Vitto Christaldi


BlackBerry Keeps Moving Together with Alicia Keys
“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel bra...... read more

Facebook blocks Yandex social se...

Tue 26 Feb 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


Facebook blocks Yandex social search app
Here is a quick update for those following the news of the Russian online world. A couple of weeks ago Russian search giant Yandex launched a social search app c...... read more

The Harlem Shake – What, Who, ...

Thu 21 Feb 2013, Vitto Christaldi


The Harlem Shake – What, Who, When, Where, Why, & How?
Say goodbye to “Oppa gangnam style!” and say hello to “Con los terroristas!”. This new internet phenomenon, known as The Harlem Shake, has take...... read more

The Ultimate Online Dating Guides

Wed 13 Feb 2013, Vitto Christaldi


The Ultimate Online Dating Guides
Valentine's Day is approaching! Have you found your dream guy or dream lady yet? Or you are still searching for 'The One'? Have you ever considered going on online dat...... read more
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