Twitter #Music

Fri 19 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Twitter #Music
Music fans and Twitter fans alike received good news yesterday. Announced on the company’s blog, Twitter released a new music service, Twitter #music. The servic...... read more

Facebook Introduces CPA Bidding

Thu 18 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Facebook Introduces CPA Bidding
Facebook caused excitement in the Advertising Industry yesterday by announcing a new way to bid for ads on the social network, on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) basis. Now ad...... read more

Spotify Expands Into New Markets

Wed 17 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Spotify Expands Into New Markets
Music streaming service Spotify has recently announced its expansion into new markets. The Swedish start-up that has been around since 2008 now has over 24 million act...... read more

Lavandera: Help Filipinos Organi...

Wed 17 Apr 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Lavandera: Help Filipinos Organize the Laundry Industry
Losing clothes in a laundry shop is a global problem. The Laundrymen/laundresses somehow always manage to lose our clothes during the washing process. For those who li...... read more

KimZua: Send Gifts to Your Loved...

Wed 17 Apr 2013, Vitto Christaldi


KimZua: Send Gifts to Your Loved Ones in Heaven
Nowadays you can purchase everything on the Internet … even goods for those who have departed. I’m not kidding; an e-commerce startup in Singapore, KimZua...... read more

Facebook Moves Ahead with Mobile...

Tue 16 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Facebook Moves Ahead with Mobile Advertising Platform
After concerns from its users, Facebook is still moving forward with plans for its mobile advertising platform. The company’s chief operating officer, Sheryl San...... read more

Social Media Spreads News of Bos...

Tue 16 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Social Media Spreads News of Boston Marathon Tragedy
The explosions at yesterday’s Boston Marathon left two dead and many more wounded. According to, two blasts occurred near the finish line of the race. ...... read more

Test for Friends: Measure Your F...

Fri 12 Apr 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Test for Friends: Measure Your Friendship ... with Strangers
We already have a lot of social-apps in the market, but “Test for Friends” offers a different social experience! It is also addictive!... read more

10 site performance tips to impr...

Thu 11 Apr 2013, Mark Farragher


10 site performance tips to improve ranking
We know that page load time is a ranking signal so it is very important to achieve the best possible load times. Read on for 10 handy tips to improve your site per...... read more

Google Gives to Stop Anti-Traffi...

Thu 11 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Google Gives to Stop Anti-Trafficking
This week, Google announced that it will give $3 million to three anti-trafficking organisations as part of its Global Impact Award program run through its Google Givi...... read more

#FoodShareFilter - Share Your Fo...

Thu 11 Apr 2013, Vitto Christaldi


#FoodShareFilter - Share Your Food Photos to Help Others
Yesterday a friend shared a clip on my Facebook timeline with a message saying “This app is for you, Instagram lover!" Turns out it was a clip of #FoodShareFilte...... read more

Reed Elsevier Targets Digital World

Tue 9 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Reed Elsevier Targets Digital World
Recently announced, publishing group Reed Elsevier has agreed to pay £45 million to acquire a social network for academics. Mendeley has a community of 2.3 milli...... read more

Startup lets you pay with your f...

Tue 9 Apr 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


Startup lets you pay with your fingerprint
You may think that paying with a debit card is easy enough, but the creators of Pay Tango would disagree. The team of four students found a way to make payments whic...... read more

The real Facebook Home

Mon 8 Apr 2013, Tamara Yadvichuk


The real Facebook Home
While everyone was talking about a phone with a Facebook home screen, guys at The Joy of Tech pictured an actual Facebook home – well, what it would look like i...... read more

Social Media Accounts Hacked in ...

Fri 5 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Social Media Accounts Hacked in North Korea
If you’ve been following the news lately on North Korea, you're probably well aware of sanctions against the country’s nuclear program and let's not forget...... read more

Will Emerging Markets Decide Fat...

Fri 5 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Will Emerging Markets Decide Fate of Facebook Phone?
As mentioned in a previous article, the Facebook Phone has now been introduced. With the upcoming release of the new Facebook phone, new challenges will lie ahead to e...... read more

Game Maker EA Creates Social Net...

Thu 4 Apr 2013, Seema Sanghavi


Game Maker EA Creates Social Networking App
Are you a fan of games like The Sims? What about Need for Speed or Medal of Honor? If you are you’ll be surprised to know that the maker of these games, Electron...... read more

Couples, Get a Room!

Thu 4 Apr 2013, Vitto Christaldi


Couples, Get a Room!
You know that annoying moment when couples are bombarding your Facebook newsfeed with flirty TMI (Too Much Information) messages? You just want to put a comment on the...... read more
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