Google bows for EU privacy issues

Tue 9 Sep 2008, Bas van den Beld


A lot has been said and written about how Google handles privacy issues. The way they store information was something the European Commission could not agree with. After a long battle between Google and the European leaders Google now bows to the Commission. It today announced that the IP information that is stored will be (worldwide) anonimized after 9 instead of the current 18 months. Google announced the policy change in a press release which was filled with 'defensive' language. It start...... read more

Ten years of Google Homepages: s...

Sun 7 Sep 2008, Editors


Ten years of Google Homepages: spot the differences
This month Google celebrates its ten year anniversary. Reason for many bloggers and media to stop and look back. And why not. Google has in the past decade, changed th...... read more

Browserank versus Pagerank

Wed 30 Jul 2008, Editors


Browserank versus Pagerank

Google vs Viacom

Tue 15 Jul 2008, Editors


Google vs Viacom
Last night, Viacom and others have withdrawn their claim to receive personal data from YouTube users. Both parties have agreed that all user data will be anonymised. N...... read more

Kaushik: 'Analytics is a 3 year ...

Thu 10 Jul 2008, Joost de Valk


Kaushik: 'Analytics is a 3 year old baby'
Third up in the series of SEO Roadshow interviews is Avinash Kuashik. Joost got to talk to him at the 'Webanalytics congres' in Hollland this July. You can listen to t...... read more

My official resignation from Yahoo!

Tue 24 Jun 2008, Editors


My official resignation from Yahoo!
One after another VP resigns at bij Yahoo. It all happens so fast that it looks like an automated handling. Mat Honan off Wired thought it would be fun to develop a fo...... read more

This is what Yahoo turned down

Sun 15 Jun 2008, Editors


This is what Yahoo turned down
The broken deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft has been talked a lot about. But what did Yahoo! really turn down? Quit a lot, if we look at the e-mail of Microsoft's &ls...... read more

Mortensen: Webanalytics might di...

Thu 12 Jun 2008, Bas van den Beld

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Mortensen: Webanalytics might dissapear
The second interview in the Roadshow series is a written one. We had the chance to ask Dennis Mortensen, COO at Indextools, questions about his company and his view on...... read more

Kevin Ryan: "There are no s...

Thu 5 Jun 2008, Bas van den Beld


Kevin Ryan: "There are no simple answers"
The first episode of the SEO Roadshow series is an interview with one of the bigger names in the Search-industry: Kevin Ryan. Joost de Valk interviewed him in Amsterda...... read more

SEO Roadshow: unique series of i...

Thu 5 Jun 2008, Bas van den Beld


SEO Roadshow: unique series of interviews
Today on Search Cowboys we launch a very unique series of interviews. In the upcoming months we will be publishing interviews with some of the big names in Search in E...... read more


, Editors


... read more

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