Facebook acquires Face.com: more...

Thu 21 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Facebook acquires Face.com: more tags coming!
How often do your Facebook friends tag you on a picture that is, so to say, not as good as you would like it to be? Well, it looks like now this will happen more oft...... read more

Not enough sleep?

Wed 20 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Not enough sleep?
If you often have trouble sleeping or sleep through alarms, well, there’s an app you might find very useful! A start-up called SleepBot helps you track and mana...... read more

Draw Something will be a game show!

Tue 19 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Draw Something will be a game show!
Draw Something, the famous game in which you have to guess what your opponent has drawn on the screen, is to become a new game show, TheWrap reports. CBS has alrea...... read more

Sweden’s Twitter Backfires

Tue 19 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Sweden’s Twitter Backfires
Did you know that the people of Sweden have the right to tweet on behalf of the nation? Basically one Swedish citizen is picked weekly to be the curator of the @Sweden...... read more

Understanding Google Analytics M...

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Gabriel Goldberg


Understanding Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels
Goals - What does Google Analytics measure? Beyond measuring pageviews, visits, visitors, traffic sources, campaigns, devices, countries, etc. Google Analytics allows...... read more

Unlock Your Car & Sign In to...

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Unlock Your Car & Sign In to Facebook at the Same Time!
Most of us have at least two social network accounts (or even more!); and for security reasons, it is recommended to create different passwords for each social network...... read more

Virtual party time on YouTube!

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Virtual party time on YouTube!
Google+ updated their video calling service called Hangouts – from now on when hanging out with your friends on Google’s social network you can watch YouT...... read more

Nokia to sell Vertu to EQT VI

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Qin Hu


Nokia to sell Vertu to EQT VI
Nokia has agreed to sell Vertu to EQT VI, part of the leading private equity group in Northern Europe. According to Reuters, the deal was around 200 million euro.... read more

An Analysis of Google Search and...

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Gabriel Goldberg


An Analysis of Google Search and Encrypted Search
Google has begun to encrypt its searches end of 2011 (October 2011). It first started on Google.com before expending to more Google properties and countries in May 2012.... read more

Apple announced to integrate Bai...

Mon 18 Jun 2012, Qin Hu


Apple announced to integrate Baidu at WWDC
At the recently opened Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced that it will integrate Baidu into its web tools on the iPhone. In additio...... read more


Fri 15 Jun 2012, Editors


MARCOM 12 is the professional marketing event taking place in Amsterdam RAI. As one blogger from our blogger team, Tamara Yadvichuk, mentioned, lots of interesting stu...... read more

MARCOM12: Playground for Profess...

Fri 15 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk

1 comment

MARCOM12: Playground for Professionals
Yesterday, June 14th., together with my fellow bloggers Ramcy Simoons and Kelly Ge we attended an exciting marketing event MARCOM12. The two-day event labeled &ldq...... read more

New domain names coming!

Fri 15 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


New domain names coming!
The organization in charge of top-level domains such as .com and .org on Wednesday revealed a list of new domain name extensions they are currently reviewing. The list...... read more

Do Facebook campaigns work? - co...

Wed 13 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Do Facebook campaigns work? - continued
We saw lots of concerns over the effectiveness of Facebook campaigns arise last week after a poll found that 4 out of 5 people have never bought anything as a result...... read more

Twitter’s first ever TV commer...

Tue 12 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk

1 comment

Twitter’s first ever TV commercial
Guess what the world’s number one micro-blogging service did on Sunday? They aired an ad on TV! The commercial was shown during a Nascar racing broadcast on TN...... read more

Germans and Koreans Pick the Str...

Tue 12 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Germans and Koreans Pick the Strongest Passwords
The study was done by Joseph Bonneau, a computer scientist at the University of Cambridge, who revealed that most passwords used by people do not meet safety requireme...... read more

Facebook Will Disappear in 8 Years!

Mon 11 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Facebook Will Disappear in 8 Years!
“In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared”, said Eric Jackson, the founder of Ironfire Capital, last week o...... read more

Google doesn’t have to blur fa...

Mon 11 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Google doesn’t have to blur faces in street view
According to the recent ruling of a Swiss court, Google is not obliged to blur all the faces and number plates on images which appear in their street view feature. T...... read more
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