Facebook Blocks Users with Short...

Mon 9 Jul 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Facebook Blocks Users with Short Surnames
Facebook has decided to block all users which are suspected to use fake names or aliases, including users with short surnames like Fu, Ab, or Eg. These users can regai...... read more

The World’s Most Valuable Soci...

Wed 4 Jul 2012, Vitto Christaldi


The World’s Most Valuable Social Network
Over 50.000 children are reported missing in Canada every year! Using the power of community on social networks, The World’s Most Valuable Social Network helps...... read more

Facebook “Want” Button

Wed 4 Jul 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Facebook “Want” Button
Apparently Facebook is working on a new button plugin next to the famous “Like” button. They say this “Want” button will only be available on p...... read more

Augmented reality in your shoppi...

Mon 2 Jul 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Augmented reality in your shopping cart
The popular concept of augmented reality may soon reach as far as your shopping routine, ClickZ report. IBM Research has announced that they are working on a mobile ...... read more

McDonald tells you why burgers i...

Mon 2 Jul 2012, Qin Hu


McDonald tells you why burgers in ads look better in picture
“Why does your food look like different in the advertisement than what is in the store?” This question was directly asked on the McDonald’s Canada we...... read more

Sorry for the twigs in your cide...

Mon 2 Jul 2012, Qin Hu


Sorry for the twigs in your cider boxes
If there is a fly in your soup or a finger in your pie, you definitely will complain. Furthermore, taking pictures, posting on Facebook, and twittering the name and lo...... read more

Instagram is getting [more] social

Fri 29 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Instagram is getting [more] social
The popular picture-sharing app Instagram has updated its browser view with new social features allowing users to like and comment on pictures on the web. It is the ...... read more

How to become a Google Power Sea...

Thu 28 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


How to become a Google Power Searcher?
Many of us use Google on a daily basis without taking advantage of its numerous functions and features which often make the search faster and easier. To help Google ...... read more

Zynga to launch a gamers’ soci...

Wed 27 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Zynga to launch a gamers’ social network
Zynga, the creator of the famous Farmville game, announced their plan to launch a social platform called ‘Zynga With Friends’ designed to connect gamers a...... read more

Are you addicted to your smartph...

Tue 26 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Are you addicted to your smartphone?
Not so long ago my fellow blogger wrote about Facebook addiction. Guess what? Now there is a new addiction to be afraid of – an addiction to your smartphone! A...... read more

Smart Phone Markets in Asia Pacific

Tue 26 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


Smart Phone Markets in Asia Pacific
A recent study conducted by Nielsen revealed the prevalence of smart phones in 13 Asia Pacific markets. It appears that 72% of mobile users in Singapore use smart phon...... read more

The Best Time to Post on Twitter...

Mon 25 Jun 2012, Vitto Christaldi


The Best Time to Post on Twitter, Facebook, & Tumblr
As a writer, most of the time I have the urge to share my blog post on Twitter/Facebook as soon as I put it online. Today I learned that in order to get lots of clickt...... read more

Sephora: Facebook success

Mon 25 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Sephora: Facebook success
Chain of beauty stores Sephora has recently finished a great 15-day campaign which allowed the beauty brand to enlarge its impressive 3 million fan base and engage ev...... read more

Amazon confirmed to launch Appst...

Mon 25 Jun 2012, Qin Hu


Amazon confirmed to launch Appstore in Europe
Amazon has announced that it plans to open its Appstore in Europe, which can be a hint that Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet finally plans to expand outside of the US.... read more

Sina Weibo starts to charge for ...

Mon 25 Jun 2012, Qin Hu


Sina Weibo starts to charge for membership
Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter and the most popular microblog, has decided to start to charge subscribers with a minimum fee – 10 RMB ($1.57) per month...... read more

Special Feature for Duanwu Festival

Fri 22 Jun 2012, Editors


Special Feature for Duanwu Festival
Today is the traditional Duanwu Festival (also named Dragon Boat Festival) in China. It is a festival for commemorates the death of poet Qu Yuan. As a national festiva...... read more

Facebook forced to change Sponso...

Fri 22 Jun 2012, Tamara Yadvichuk


Facebook forced to change Sponsored Stories
A couple weeks ago I wrote about Facebook Sponsored Stories – ads which can appear in the news feed of Facebook users and their friends. Well, it turned out t...... read more

Additionly launches private beta...

Thu 21 Jun 2012, Gabriel Goldberg


Additionly launches private beta tool for Google AdWords
June 21th 2012, Brussels, Belgium — Online advertising is exploding: 2012 is the first year that online advertising spending will surpass print advertising i...... read more
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