British? Get a BBC link! They're free!

Tue 10 March 2009 16:36, Bas van den Beld

British? Get a BBC link! They're free!

The BBC websites are without a doubt one of the most popular sites in the UK. The sites were among the six most visited sites in the UK last year.

Getting a link from a BBC website could really help giving your rankings a boost. But how to get a link from a BBC site? Off course you could try to make it to the nine o'clock news but it might be a lot easier than you think.

If it's up to the BBC's Director of Future Media and Technology Erik Huggers the BBC will start linking out 'aggressively' to other British sites.

"Rather than trying to keep all that traffic inside the BBC's domain we're going to link out very aggressively and help other organisations pull their way up on the back of the investments that the BBC has made in this area." Huggers said at the DTG conference."

He pointed out that all of the sites in the top ten of most visited sites in the UK last year were non-British sites and that the BBC sites wer actually the only 'real' British sites in that top ten.

Huggers believes the BBC is morally obligated to help other British site rank better. "So why can't we find a way to take all that traffic and help share it with other public service broadcasters and with other public bodies so that if our boat rises on the tide, everyone's boat rises on the tide?"

Unfortunately Huggers didn't let us know what would be the criteria of getting a link from the BBC site, but I suspect he will be getting a lot of link exchange requests in his mailbox in the next coming days...

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Comments (25)


  • Why link aggressively to British websites? Does it matter what a website's 'nationality' is as long as the content is good?

    Preferring to link to British websites is a bit of a dangerous standpoint to take, imho. "Own country first!" has never been a particularly smart approach....

    Wo 11 mrt 2009, 13:20

  • I agree with Barry, quite apart from the fact that it is difficult to determine what nationality a website is as the hosting, language or target market doesn't necessarily disclose the nationality of the owner.

    I have sites hosted in the USA, targeted at the USA market, I bought the domain name from a USA based seller, I write (or have written) the content in USA English.

    I live in Australia and have always lived here. This, folks, is the Internet. It is interconnected and good content is good content. If it is relevant to the subject at hand then it deserves to be rated well regardless of the country of origin.

    Za 14 mrt 2009, 09:09

  • I perfectly agree with other comments. Reward only good content. That raises the bar and if we want to compete with best...then we have to get better.

    Wo 29 jul 2009, 20:33

  • I am with Barry to why link out to all and sundry when it is about quality and not just being british.

    Vr 31 jul 2009, 00:50

  • It's all to do with the BBC license fee. Only UK residents that own a TV have to pay it and that includes businesses so they are 'paying' for the investments the BBC has made online. The BBC has some responsibility to be a leader in the UK Media industry and has a duty to help it's commercial counterparts where it can. If you're not a British website and therefore don't pay the license fee you have no right to the BBC's help.


    Zo 27 dec 2009, 19:41

  • Links to the BBC websites will help all our site traffic!

    Vr 8 jan 2010, 08:25

  • How many BBC websites are there??

    Vr 8 jan 2010, 08:28

    • Albina - Walking in Majella
    • [website]

    It will definitely help getting higher ranking. I somehow don't see BBC linking just to every site out there...

    Ma 15 feb 2010, 18:25

  • I suspect that British sites will be given priority however they will have to link to international sites in order to provide relevance for the viewer

    Vr 26 feb 2010, 19:37

  • I totally agree with barry. A website no matter where it has been developed; UK, australia, or iceland should get judge on the content and not just the whereabouts it was developed, But in saying that we as UK residents and businesses heavily invest in the BBC so its only right they should give back.

    but hey, we'll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

    Vr 2 jul 2010, 21:22

  • A link from the bbc would be worth its weight in gold, i wonder how they will deal with all the requests they will get ?

    Vr 8 okt 2010, 02:26

  • What people fail to realise is that BBC are a force onto their own. I have seen instances where they link to one 'external source' without referencing another when both are mentioned in equal value in one article. Why? Who knows! Are they paid? Who knows!

    Do 28 okt 2010, 20:20

  • A link from the BBC site should be worth hundreds of normal links, if they open this up they will get so many spammy links submitted. I don't know how they decide what to include, they should make it democratic somehow.

    Za 8 jan 2011, 12:19

  • There are a massive amount of BBC sites and a link from them one of them can be great for gaining traffic (I have witnessed this). I find the easiest way is to contact the different people you need to and position yourself as an expert in your chosen field by offering to be questioned if ever they cover your topics.

    This results in you being called but it may not happen for quite a while if at all.

    Failing that if anyone else finds a way please let me know.



    Vr 15 jul 2011, 23:53

  • I really can't see that the BBC will start just dishing out links, would be nice though.

    Ma 18 jul 2011, 21:48

  • Well i think they have to encourage websites and also the ones with content related to UK. Also why not check the location origins of website traffic?

    Di 19 jul 2011, 04:08

    • Jon

    Good to see the beeb giving me something for my licence fee I could do with!

    Vr 12 aug 2011, 18:12

  • Yes good one! could we use the argument we pay as license fee, could really do with linking to BBC

    Za 12 nov 2011, 14:29

    • Top Furniture

    If the BBC starts to put many more outbound links on their website then it will dilute the power from an SEO angle of any existing and future links. By not being able to buy these links it sends very strong signals to the search engines if you are lucky enough for get a link from one of these top tier websites. If anyone from the BBC reads these fancy writing an article about our dining tables :) thought not... worth a try...

    Di 20 mrt 2012, 17:57

    • Jonny

    Has anyone found out how to get a link from the beeb yet?

    Vr 8 jun 2012, 12:34

    • Tibco Rv

    is that really works ? has anybody get linked from BBC ?

    Do 19 jul 2012, 06:28

    • James Rowe

    Getting a link would certainly bring more authority to a site

    Do 19 jul 2012, 09:06

    • Sue

    One of my web Design Clients has a link from the BBC, as they managed to be newsworthy. It didn't do a great deal for them to be honest. was only a PR2 .

    Do 6 dec 2012, 14:27

  • Thanks for info. The link from BBC is very important , however I want to know how to get a link from BBC to my website.

    Za 17 aug 2013, 22:39

    • soollomm

    Ma 2 mrt 2015, 01:35


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