Beatrix, Willem-Alexander & Máxima in Online Media Worldwide

Wed 1 May 2013 13:00, Vitto Christaldi

The Netherlands has a new King! Queen Beatrix (now Princess Beatrix) has finally decided to turn over her throne after thirty three years in power. Willem-Alexander, Beatrix’s eldest son, and his wife, Máxima, have been ascended to the throne as the King and Queen of the Netherlands and the Dutch dependencies of Aruba, Curaçao and St. Martin. The Dutch covered themselves in orange to welcome the new King in a big ceremony yesterday; and so did the whole world.

Beatrix, Willem-Alexander & Máxima in Online Media Worldwide


The Dam, the location where the coronation took place, was already full since 8 a.m. According to the municipality of Amsterdam, there were approximately 25,000 people standing at the square. People outside the Netherlands could follow the abdication and coronation ceremony through a live stream on YouTube. King Willem-Alexander’s ‘colleagues’, Prince William and Princess Kate of the United Kingdom, also broadcasted their wedding live on YouTube in May 2011.



The Dutch King’s coronation was tweeted a lot yesterday and became the trending topic on Twitter. Next to Beatrix, the keywords “Dam”, “Nederland”, and “Leve de Koning” (long live the King!) got also a lot of mentions on Twitter. “Beatrix of the Netherlands” also ended up at the sixth place in Top Stories on Google News.

Dutch news network, the NOS, monitored the emotions on social media during the abdication and coronation ceremony. For this analysis, the technology by O2mc Community was used to automatically examine the real time sentiment towards the Dutch royal family on social media, especially on Twitter. The technology analyzed with high accuracy whether a tweet was positive, negative, or neutral. The results were clearly displayed in a dashboard so that it is clearly shown how one reacted towards the royal ceremony.

According to, the topic on social media around the King’s coronation and the Queen’s Day went about the Dutch monarchy (44%) and the festivities (41%). 15% of the posts were about, or came from the critical groups.


Focusing on the Dutch royal family members, it appears that Princess Beatrix was the most talked-about person out of the group; and the feedback was remarkably positive. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were also discussed a lot on online media. Princess Amalia, King Willem-Alexander’s eldest daughter, also received a lot of attention on social media, but in a small volume in comparison to her grandmother and her parents.


News Headlines Around the Globe

Not only the Netherlands was in the grip of the resignation of Princess Beatrix and the coronation of King Willem-Alexander yesterday. This historical event also got a lot of attention from media, Germany and Austria broadcasted the ceremony live.

The BBC covered a lot of news about the abdication and coronation with a label “Breaking News”. Time World also put the news about the King’s crowning in the headline, with the title “As the Dutch Crown a New King, Europe’s Monarchies Prove Their Staying Power”. The Times of India also wrote “Dutch to enthrone ‘21st-century king’ Willem-Alexander today”. CNN also reported the news about the Dutch royal ceremony by saying “After 120 years, Netherlands gets king”.

The coronation of Maxima as the Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands got a lot of attention from Argentinean media. As some of you might know, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was an Argentinean before she married Willem-Alexander. Argentinean newspaper, La Nacion, wrote “Máxima y Guillermo ya son reyes de Holanda” (Máxima and Willem are the King and Queen in the Netherlands).


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