Tried to Connect the Dots?

Fri 31 May 2013 15:05, Seema Sanghavi

Being dubbed by many as one of the most addictive iPhone games ever, Dots has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. In its one month of existence, the game as managed to be downloaded over 3 million times and accumulate over 250 games played. As of yesterday, the game is now available on the iPad and has added a couple other features to make it more addictive.

Tried to Connect the Dots?

So how does the game work? Simply connect the same colored dots together on the screen by dragging your finger to create a line that can be placed through dots. The more dots you connect, the higher your score. Announced yesterday, the game is now available on the iPad as well and also features a more competitive setting where two players can directly compete against one another. If you weren’t addicted to the game before, now you could be. According to Mashable, Dots has been designed to be addictive. The game’s interface is colorful, unique and simple enough for anyone to figure out how to play. Each rounds only last 1 minute so it’s easy to get caught up and play round after round. Lastly, the game’s leader board is based on your Twitter and Facebook connections and encourages you to share your high scores…this ultimately leads to making the game more competitive and addictive. In addition to players playing together, another new feature is the game’s two new color codes that make it easier for the color blind to play.


As reported on, the only downside of the new updated version is that it seems that many of the recorded high scores have disappeared. The full list of high scores has somehow gone awry since the update. When contacted for comment, Senior Vice President of Product, Paul Murphy, at Betaworks, the game's creator, announced that some of the players had been found cheating with the previous version and had unfairly scored very high. The Dots team cleared all global high scores to deal with the problem. Murphy explained that if an honest player’s high score was cleared in the process he believed the score would soon reappear since they are actually good players playing fairly. Murphy also explained that there had also been a server-side issue that caused problems when uploading high scores.

Even with the mishap with the high scores, I don’t think this will deter people from playing the game. In fact, it may cause those people who lost their high score to become more addictive in trying to again attain the score. With the game now available on the iPad and allowing people to directly compete, I think you will see more and more people playing the game. Have you tried it yet? 






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