Have a Conversation with Google

Thu 23 May 2013 13:30, Seema Sanghavi

When you first use it, it may seem like something from a sci-fi movie. Confirmed just yesterday, Conversational Search started rolling out on Google.com in the latest version of Chrome. The new naturally spoken question and answer interface for the search service still has some bumps to fix but all that aside, it is rather impressive. The search is designed to be more like natural human speech than the technically constructed search queries used today. 

Have a Conversation with Google

First introduced last week at Google I/O in one of the demos from the keynote, be sure to update to the newest version of Chrome to check out Google’s new Conversational Search. The new search option allows you to perform a search as if you are having a conversation with Google. For example, you can ask for the age of a certain celebrity and then follow that question up by asking what movies they were in. The new search can provide both answers but wouldn’t require you to say the celebrity's name when asking the second question or any other follow up questions. The new search also works for such things as tracking packages, flight statuses, searching nearby restaurants and providing the distance between your location and where you recently searched.


According to Search Engine Land, Google’s Conversational Search is far from perfect but still has made significant changes to how we search. When working correctly, Conversational Search feels natural and easy. To test it out just click on the microphone in the search box and say what you are looking for. In addition to speaking out the answer to you, an information card will sometimes also appear. Although having Google reply back to your question is really cool, the even cooler part is that you can continue your search conversation by asking further questions by making use of pronouns and other shortcuts that reference things from your original question…just like have a natural conversation. Normally, search engines have been unable to do this since they have no memory and generally treat each search as a separate query.

Pushing further the boundaries of search, besides working to improve the bumps in Conversational Search, Google is also working on voice activated conversational search. Activated by the words “OK Google”, the search engine would know that you want to start a search. In other words, Google would always be listening. According to Search Engine Land, Google said that this feature is still in the works but it would likely involve an extension for your browser that would listen when you were on the Google homepage or on a search results page.

So again, Google is pushing the boundaries and leading the way in innovation. This new search will definitely give the search giant’s competitors a run for their money. Who do you think will step up to the plate and compete head on with this giant? 


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