2012 review: what you may have missed

Tue 8 January 2013 12:10, Tamara Yadvichuk

2012 review: what you may have missed

2012 was an interesting year… lots of things happened and lots of things changed. Whether you have been keeping your hand on the pulse of the events or not, here’s a review of what happened in 2012 with life, universe and everything (ok, maybe not everything, but everything important to the global web community).


To begin with, here’s Google’s list of the top 10 trending news of 2012:

  1. Hurricane Sandy
  2. Kate Middleton pictures released
  3. Olympics 2012
  4. SOPA debate
  5. Costa Concordia crash
  6. Presidential Debate
  7. Stratosphere jump
  8. Penn State scandal
  9. Trayvon Martin shooting
  10. Pussy Riot

And here are some interesting stats of 2012: 

  • Global mobile internet traffic reached 13% and is rapidly growing; in India mobile traffic surpassed desktop
  • More and more mobile content creates revenue, of which 67% comes from apps and from 33% ads
  • 48% of American kids want an iPad for Christmas
  • Amount of global digital information created and shared reached almost 2 zettabytes (=1 trillion gigabytes!)
  • On Black Friday 2012 iOS users shopped online 4 times as much as Android users

In her presentation on the current State of the Web, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker talked about the trends and forces which shaped our life in 2012. Here are some highlights of the year’s most important developments: 

  • Up-to-date universally accessible knowledge
  • Accessible and shareable content
  • Real-time global crowd-sourced news
  • Relatively inexpensive devices
  • Unprecedented global technology innovation
  • Ability to reach millions of users in record time
  • Graphic user interface replaced by touch, gestures and voice interface
  • Smartphone camera replaced the dedicated digital camera
  • Files and folders stored in a cloud
  • Crowd-sourced investment and product design
  • Note-taking, navigation, finance and health awareness handled via mobile apps
  • HR is impossible without LinkedIn
  • Toddlers starting to learn with tablets

2012 was the year of Barrack Obama’s reelection, Gangnam Style, hurricane SandyLondon OlympicsDraw Something, Curiosity rover landing on Mars, Facebook IPO, iPhone 5, skydive from spaceFacebook timeline, Android Market becoming Google Play, Microsoft launchingWindows 8Encyclopedia Britannica becoming digital-only after 244 years in print, internet censorship debates over SOPA and PIPA, KONYGoogle GlassesEuropean Football Championship held in Ukraine, Grumpy Cat meme (the one below is probably the most popular one), Tiesto’s live performance on TwitterFacebook acquisition of Instagram and blocking of The Pirate Bay.

Wondering what 2013 will bring about!


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Comments (4)


  • We miss Olympics 2012,lets wait for 2016

    Vr 10 apr 2015, 07:26

  • no missing here

    Vr 10 apr 2015, 08:04

  • Very nice of Whether you have been keeping your hand on the pulse of the events or not, here’s a review of what happened in 2012 with life.

    Ma 27 apr 2015, 06:30

  • hffyfy

    Ma 11 jul 2016, 11:05


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