How to measure the influence and conversion of social media

Wed 12 May 2010 08:34, Stijn De Meyere

How to measure the influence and conversion of social media

Below is a YouTube movie that is not really new but it’s still very relevant and explains well how to measure social media. Amy Martin of Digital Royalty offers an effective way to measure the impact of social media on a brand’s popularity. She shares a propriety method and formula for measuring a brand’s online Return on Influence. Conversion of social media is reduced to three key metrics.... read more

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Guest blogging for dummies

Tue 11 May 2010 14:06, Stijn De Meyere

I’m a relatively new face on this blog, and blogged here for a while, and I thank the owners of it to have given me the opportunity to be here. I’ve been following, to my stupefaction, what has been going on here the last few days, so I wanted to talk about guest blogging. When people invite me to guest blog, I thank them. Not because I can use the exposure or links, but because they think I can add value to what they do.

It’s standard practice that the people who invite you to blog, ask for a biography that is placed at the bottom of each post you write. It contains a brief explanation of who you are and what you do. It also contains a link, sometimes two or three. The link(s) can change.... read more

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Three more effective but less often used traffic sources

Thu 18 March 2010 17:47, Stijn De Meyere

Three more effective but less often used traffic sources

Yesterday I summed up two effective traffic sources that are often forgotten: Google Image Search and well-ranked YouTube Videos. But of course those are not the only ones. Here are three more. If you are tired of competing on the same saturated fields as every other online marketer, invest in one of these traffic platforms and enjoy near untouched traffic and marketing success.... read more

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Growing use of smartphones benefits social media and Google

Wed 17 March 2010 11:40, Stijn De Meyere

Growing use of smartphones benefits social media and Google

The mobile revolution is not coming. It’s there. All industry experts and research firms agree that the sales of smartphones will continue to boost among business users and that consumers are increasingly switching to smartphones as well. And this is just the beginning since prices of smartphones continue to drop.... read more

A new blogger that forgot to introduce himself

Mon 1 March 2010 09:24, Stijn De Meyere

A new blogger that forgot to introduce himself

Please allow me to introduce myself since a friendly visitor of this blog last week told me that it’s a custom to do this. Well, my name is Stijn De Meyere and live in Belgium. I was an Internet marketing consultant for a long time, and now I write a lot.

I write about SEM since 1997 but am a bit of an allrounder. I also specialize in social media marketing, email marketing and, well, many kinds of marketing. I hope you’ll like my posts. I guess you’ll like some better than others so all comments are welcome, including criticism. My motto: we live to learn.

I have been writing for BelgianCowboys for quite some time now (and a few other blogs), and of course I was a regular visitor of SearchCowboys.... read more

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Search engine marketing: let’s broaden our horizon

Fri 26 February 2010 14:43, Stijn De Meyere, 20 comments

Article marketing versus PPC marketing

Fri 19 February 2010 20:45, Stijn De Meyere, 3 comments

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